Wednesday, August 27, 2008

got bad credit contract mobile phone, find other solution?

1. metro pcs they have no credit checks and have the cheapest service 30$ a month for unlimited calling. They also have a month to month payment plan so you can cancel anytime!

2. ATT and VirginMobile have fairly decent no-credit check/no contract plans....
Net10 and T-Mobile have prepaid rates at ten cents a minute

3. Anyone more than likely will still give you service they just will require a large deposit.

4. Go to Walmart and buy one of those $15 phones. They are prepaid (only about $15 every 3 months). I love mine. Extra minutes are a bit extra but I've never gone over.
Wait, I just realized, you will need a credit card to pay your bil. Oh well. I tried.
And that folks is why the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. He'll end up paying $75 / month with a huge deposit.

5. In the current economic climate no-one will arrange a contract for someone with bad credit, if they do then the contract won't be worth having. There are some amazing PAYG offers out at the minute - try them first.

6. The major carriers are going to charge you a large deposit if you have bad credit. You can, however, buy a Trak phone with a card with prepaid minutes. When you get low on minutes, you can just buy more - no deposit needed.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

bad credit but want free mobile phone without credit check

some consumer have bad credit rating when using contract mobile at the same time need free mobile phone without credit check. did u think can? i have done some research and the answer is yes. how? the answer is below

i Would recommend for free mobiles no credit check.

They have the UK`s best value mobile phone tariff on Blackberry 8310, 8110, LG KC550, Nokia 2630, 3109, 3600 Slide , Samsung, Sony etc...

hopefully will help anybody who need free mobile phone without credit check .. :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

main provider contract mobile phone in UK

i have do some research and found the list of main provider contract mobile phone in UK . so hopefully u will got good info to make choice who the best before signup below
T mobile

before i forgot just want let u know for this all contract mobile phone service provider offer free sims on pay as you go.

bad credit contract mobile phone