Monday, August 18, 2014

bad credit but need a mobile phone contract? The Answer

Peter : I am 26 yrs old and was a total numpty when i was youger ! store cards, credit cards, overdrafts etc etc....... you got the idea. Now i have started my own business ( sounds grander than it is ) but i keep spending say £10 a day on my payasyou go mobile ! My question, i have found a handfull of sites that offer bad credit mobiles sim only deals which they ( if you pay ) will upgrade to a free phone and proper contract.... has anybody had any experience with these, the company i have found is ( i think ) both supposely do not charge a fee but require bank details and a debit/credit card to verify my address... all seems above board ! just after advice.. please.

Best Answer : 
If the place is not a brick and mortar business (like an actual bank), I would not be handing over my personal information and real address, just so they can "fix or tweak" my credit so I can get a cell phone contract. Sounds more likely than not, they are fishing for real names and address info and banking info to scam you out of money. I could be wrong but see so much of those sort of thing in in scam/junk email, that lead to sites like this, to see nothing but red flags on this.