Thursday, January 22, 2009

prepaid option: bad credit contract mobile phone

bad credit contract mobile phone is familiar now after consumer not pay their contract mobile phone plan or blacklisted because of their neighbour, coursin or family . by the way their have many option for people who have bad credit contract mobile phone need it again. i will describe one option for help user or consumer to have back their mobile phone.

one of the option is try get the Tracfone. Tracfone is the prepaid cell phone and for that it put you in control for no bill, no contract and no suprises. u can purchase their special phone that include double minutes for life. some of user got an LG that has lots of great features including a camera. When you receive your phone, activate it online and you will get bonus minutes. Purchase minutes online and they are immediately doubled and added to your phone.

Finally i will describe more option and suggestion after i found if have any option to helping user who have bad credit contract mobile phone and need their phone phone back. opss forgot to add the url for tracefone url . u can visit directly to this url Go to . have a nice day