Tuesday, July 8, 2008

People opinion ( bad credit contract mobile phone )

bad credit contract mobile phone

try to get other people suggestion about when have bad credit contract mobile phone . they has told me like below

"Consider putting it under someone else's name, but you pay for everything? Like they do for elderly people - you would be the 2nd party in case they can't pay the bills" ,

"Your chances are pretty slim because the companies will likely run your credit when you go in to try to get a contract mobile phone. Your best bet is to go to places like metro pcs or other places that offer prepaid phones, which do not require contracts. best buy, for instance offers virgin prepaid mobiles. You're not going to get the same deals as you would if you got a contract phone, but the good thing is that you're not held to any terms, which means no early termination fee."

"Try a different company than the one you were refused from. Companies will have different credit criteria. Most likely if a company does take you on as a contract customer, you will have to pay a deposit (sometimes up to $1,000)."

the conclusion "just pay cash for phone with prepaid minutes" , please dont start bad credit contract mobile phone if u read this article , please pay what are you using for or pay first before you using it.

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