Saturday, November 8, 2008

Customer comment about bad credit contract mobile phone

Benroy comment: "I have a two-year contract with Verizon. I have

had so many problems with their practices and policies that I literally count
the days until the contract expires. In one-hundred & seventy-one days I will
switch to a month-to-month or prepaid provider.
Any cell phone contract should come with a free barrel so that the customer has
something to be bent over."

Rubyhawk comment: "I have a 2 year contract with Rogers here in
Canada and they have consistently overcharged me for off peak calls

and I am behind now simply because I didn't get anywhere with them on this
matter. Thy don't seem to know recognize

their own errors. This is the problem with most large Corporations, once they
become too large they become difunctional."

Theroad54 comment: "I started out with S.W. Bell, than Cingular, Now
AT&T. My experience has been with the "REP" company that is like a "front "
company. They provide more than just mobile phone service,and they even let me
switch my plan around , with in the contract period. I can increase, decrease
minutes, and different options.I guess my experience's have been a little
different. I haven't seen a big difference in my bill, but I've only had AT&T
for a short time and I'm waiting to see if my contract provider does some of the
same problems I have heard of."

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