Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Answer for Mobile Phone Contract with bad credit

After do some research i found many answer if u have bad credit contract mobile phone below :-

Question : Hello does anyone know of any sites that do mobile phone contracts for people with bad credit history
Answer 1 : ATT and VirginMobile have fairly decent no-credit check/no contract plans....Net10 and T-Mobile have prepaid rates at ten cents a minute 
Answer 2 : The major carriers are going to charge you a large deposit if you have bad credit. You can, however, buy a Trak phone with a card with prepaid minutes. When you get low on minutes, you can just buy more - no deposit needed. 
Answer 3 :  Go to Walmart and buy one of those $15 phones. They are prepaid (only about $15 every 3 months). I love mine. Extra minutes are a bit extra but I've never gone over. Wait, I just realized, you will need a credit card to pay your bil. Oh well. I tried. And that folks is why the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. He'll end up paying $75 / month with a huge deposit.
Answer 4 : metro pcs they have no credit checks and have the cheapest service 30$ a month for unlimited calling. They also have a month to month payment plan so you can cancel anytime! : ) 

Hopefully with this research some  of you can solve the problem for bad credit contract mobile phone problem... see u next article

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