Sunday, August 14, 2011

Free Mobile Credit

How To Get Free Mobile Credit On Pay As You Go Mobiles
By Izzy Brewer

This very simple trick will enable you to get free mobile credit on any pay as you go network in the UK. This probably works in other countries as well but we haven't tried it so we couldn't say. No harm in trying it though.
This little loophole works 97% of the time. To get your free mobile credit you will need 2 top up vouchers. We will explain why at the end of this article. You will also need 2 phones and a friend.

Simple instructions for getting free mobile credit

Step 1. Buy a top up voucher of you choice
Step 2. Find a friend who is on the same network to buy one also
Step 3. Both of you type in the digit of the top up card into your phone (the same voucher)
Step 4. When you get to the last digit both of you press confirm at the exact same time so the same voucher registers on both of your phones.
Step 5. Repeat this with the other voucher your friend bought, you will now have twice the amount of credit on your phone for the price of 1 voucher.
That's all there is to getting free mobile credit on your pay as you go mobiles.
Ps. The reason we tell you to get a friend to buy one as well is because if it doesn't work and the credit goes onto your friends phone after you paid for the top-up voucher you will probably be a little annoyed. If you don't get the timing right and it doesn't work then whoever didn't get the free mobile credit simply uses the other voucher. If it does work try it again with the other top-up voucher and hopefully you will both have twice as much credit as you should have.
Good Luck And Enjoy

Author - Ben Jones, owner of

We hope you make use of this free mobile credit loophole.
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