Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to Get the Best Deals for Bad Credit Mobile Phones?

By Ems Aleks

Getting approved for a credit mobile phone that carries a prestigious brand, is quite difficult, especially if you have a bad credit history. Mobile phone retailers require a good credit rating from their customers, and would often do a payment capacity checking before approving a contract. Credit score checking enables establishments to check if the applicant has existing loans, overdue or neglected payment or other issues. However, these days, there are many phone companies that offer options for people with credit problems, and who would still want to acquire a mobile phone.
If you have a bad credit, and yet would still want to get a credit mobile phone, try applying directly to phone networks. Their customer service will guide you on the application process, and you may have a higher chance of loan approval. Top three phone networks in United Kingdom are Orange, O2, and T-Mobile. Other mobile phones providers include Vodafone, Three and Virgin Mobile.
With these providers, you can have a brand new phone, even the latest android phone or a Smart phone, and enjoy the best mobile phone deals. You can choose a pay-monthly plan where in you can have your own phone and pay on a monthly basis. The best deal to have is the pay-as-you-go which is designed for people with poor credit scores. This is almost similar to SIM- only deal which allows you to get the phone free for a low monthly payment. You will only pay for monthly charges of the said plan. You can have unlimited texts for life, cheap rates for domestic and international calls, and even free Internet access.
Bad credit mobile phone contracts include some plans for SIM- only and pay-as-you-go deals. Mostly, these contracts do not require a credit score check, so this is recommended for people with bad credit scores. You should compare prices and make a sound decision in choosing the best deal for you.
Bad credit mobile phone contracts are offered for even the latest units, depending on the amount you are able to pay monthly. If you would rather pay lower monthly rates, you would receive less trendy units, but still the same savings, as compared with other plans.
Check your credit score to assess if you may qualify for a bad credit mobile contract. There are establishments offering free credit score checks, which is beneficial for people with poor credit score. They can check their records, verify if all information relevant to credit balances and records are correct and updated.
There is even a bad credit mobile contract for people with average earnings and previous loans commitments. After being approved for a credit mobile phone, even with a bad credit score, it is then your obligation to fulfill the monthly payments on time as specified on your contract. This is actually another way to improve your credit score, which will bring you some financial benefits in the future.

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