Friday, October 16, 2009

Bad Credit Contract Mobile Phone– Do Not Be Disappoint

If bad credit is creating obstacles in your way in finding a new cell phone, do not be disappoint you can easily get cell phone through bad credit contract mobile phone. Even having a standard credit check required, you can get bad credit mobile phones even having bad credit history.

Two basic nokia 6500 classic systems are there for the fresh customers. In former type mobile phone system there is no need to credit check but in the second type system the customers will have to pay security deposit upfront. In the companies which do not pay much attention credit check there are enough chances of guaranteed acceptance but for this the customers who is suffering from bad credit rating will have to pay extra amount. It is costly in comparison of the persons who have good and satisfactory credit rating because the person who is suffering from bad credit rating will have to pay extra amount to get cell phone on contract phones as it happens with car loans, home loans with bad credit rating.

Some conditions for the bad credit holder:

You will be restricted in your preference of cell phone
Communication will be a bit expensive for you as you will have to pay extra fee for all services like calls, text messages and monthly fees
You will be asked to sign long period service contract
You will have to pay higher interest rates.

So for getting bad credit contract mobile phone you will have to pay extra amount if you have bad credit rating. The companies which offer lower acceptance level from such companies you will find less expensive phones, text and call rates and a lower monthly fee.

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