Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mobile Phone Contract With Poor Credit - Can You Hear Me Now?

One of the very first areas that many people feel the crunch of a credit crisis is in their ability to secure a mobile phone contract. Simply stated, the nasty effects of poor credit extend far beyond the obvious areas like mortgages, auto loans, and plastic of all types and sizes. If you have a low fico score, you are going to feel it in day to day life...and your phone bill is one of the very first stops. Let's take a look.

Expect to Pay a Deposit.

The good news is that it takes some pretty FUNKY credit problems to be turned down for a phone contract carte blanch. Most wireless providers are pretty aware that they are dealing with the general public these days...a mobile phone is no longer the purview of the rich and privileged as it as only a short decade ago. If your credit is REALLY bad, you are going to pay a deposit for the phone, and the privilege on chatting on their network. If you have a bad history with other providers, you are going to find even a moderately bruised profile is grounds for the same. After all - from the phone carrier's perspective, history repeats itself, and if you've skipped out on a bill before, the chances are you plan on doing the same thing this time around as well.

Deal with the Derogatory(s) Before Hitting Send

If you have derogatory items on your report, simply challenge them, dispute them, or simply settle them BEFORE you dial up a new mobile contract. Why should you pay through the nose to start out on a new network when everyone else got in for free? You shouldn't...and the only reason you will is if you aren't prepared when you go in and fill out the forms. Simply investing an hour or two of proactive credit cleansing is one of the wisest investments you can make - especially if you DON'T like being treated like a second class citizen in the store!

And Remember......Credit Repair is NOT difficult. Living with Bad Credit though.....CERTAINLY IS..:-)

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