Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bad Credit Mobile Phone Networks

These days you can purchase so many different products on credit such as loans, mortgages, furniture, cars, contracts etc. and many people start to struggle with keeping up with their payments through no fault of their own. Many get caught up in the spur not knowing that it will affect their credit report with potential lenders, making it really difficult to apply for items in the future. One of the worst victims of this is people trying to apply for a new mobile phone contract and being denied due to their history. Mobile phones play such an important part in our day to day lives, whether they are used for work purposes or keeping in contact with close friends and family, they are essential! There are a few websites on the internet that are there to help you though so don't worry.

Some of the top network providers (T-Mobile, Orange, O2) have noticed and understood the current situation regarding applying for a new phone contract with bad credit and have started to create their own special tariffs designed for people in these circumstances giving you a much higher second chance of being successful with your application and also the option to potentially wipe clean your credit report and start fresh! However these tariffs do come with a few limitations e.g. no international calls to/from abroad, no multimedia messaging and no access to the internet via. the phone.

Once you have kept the contract for usually about two months and have paid for it fully the network provider will lift these restrictions giving you unlimited access to all the products and services that they have to offer and also completely repairing your bad credit history. Not everyone can obtain a new contract through these sites because everyone obviously has different circumstances and you should keep an eye peeled for any sites that say they do because they are most likely fraud!

Aside from the advice in this article I also own and run a number of websites on bad credit phone contracts. You may find more relevant information their. Alternatively you can check out my bad credit phone squidoo lense, which I like to keep updated with the latest bad credit phone information.

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